Black and White

HDR Sunrise in Black and White – Northern Maine

When I captured this sunrise from Northern Maine I knew it would have a beautiful look when processed as an HDR image. The more I studied this image I saw features that would really stand out as a Black and White Image.

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This image was captured with 5 exposures, processed in Photomatix then it was finished in Photoshop CS6 along with using:

  • Topaz DeNoise
  • NIK Color Efex PRO
  • NIK Viveza
  • Topaz Adjust
  • Topaz Black and White Effects
  • Topaz Lens Effects




Horse Portrait – Black and White

When I captured this horse the temps were around -40, blizzard conditions with 50 mph winds at times, but this friendly horse was full of excitement that I was giving him some attention!



The Day Begins

Spectacular scenes are always a challenge to capture when fog is present in the early morning hours. This scene was captured deep in the forest of Northern Maine as the wildlife awakens and I was fortunate to be there to watch and capture it.


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