Horses Back – Workshop on Light and Shadows

Earlier in the year I was giving a workshop on Natural Light with a small group. The setting was in a stable and one horse. It proved to be very entertaining and our guest was extremely friendly to say the least. This was the example I used to inspire the others on using natural light from one window. The results from the group were very creative and refreshing.


Dream On – A Day of Enjoying a Horse

I love roaming around to find a new horse to spend the day with and this Beauty was no different.


Day Graze

During one of my outings I came across this open field where this gorgeous horse was just grazing and taking it easy on this beautiful day in Northern Maine.


Running Wild

A glorious day when you find horses on the move and playing with each other!


Horse Portrait – Black and White

When I captured this horse the temps were around -40, blizzard conditions with 50 mph winds at times, but this friendly horse was full of excitement that I was giving him some attention!



Lazy Day

Being with this horse for the day was exceptional and very relaxing.


That Loving Moment

Two horses showing affection towards each other captured in Northern Maine.


Posed – Artistic Horse

One of my favorite past times is taking an image and turning it into art with techniques I use.


Soft n Silky

A work with textures on this beautiful horse I came across during my travels in Northern Maine.




What a Life ~ A Peaceful Day in Maine

I am always amazed at the beauty of the land that is before us just waiting to be captured and preserved for the future from just that one moment in time as this scene displays.

This image was captured with 3 exposures, processed in Photomtix then imported into photoshop. I felt Creative this day so I began with multiple layers using textures, burning and dodging and then I wanted more so I used the following:

  • Topaz Adjust
  • Topaz Simplify
  • NIK Color Efex

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