HDR – The Beauty of Northern Maine

A collection of some of my favorite HDR images from Northern Maine compiled into a Video.
This is a High Resolution video made for full screen viewing and I recommend listening with your earphones or some good speakers! :)

All images can be purchased from FAA.


After the Storm – Northern Maine

After the storm while the sky was beginning to light up from the sun behind the clouds I saw the beauty of this vision and was able to capture it.


HDR Sunrise in Black and White – Northern Maine

When I captured this sunrise from Northern Maine I knew it would have a beautiful look when processed as an HDR image. The more I studied this image I saw features that would really stand out as a Black and White Image.

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This image was captured with 5 exposures, processed in Photomatix then it was finished in Photoshop CS6 along with using:

  • Topaz DeNoise
  • NIK Color Efex PRO
  • NIK Viveza
  • Topaz Adjust
  • Topaz Black and White Effects
  • Topaz Lens Effects




Little Drops of Water

I was working with this plant and thought I would set up some lighting with a reflector to bounce the setting sun color so I could obtain the warm look I was looking for. This is also an HDR image with 5 exposures and processed in Photoshop CS6. I was impressed with the finished Image I was able to capture!

100mm Macro lens was used in this set-up.


Morning Colors

It was suppose to be a fairly Cloudless Morning today and I was up at 3:30 ready for a new location I discovered on one of my walks. Walking to this secluded location with a flashlight guiding my way I finally made it, got my equipment set up while drinking my coffee. The day turned out to be extremely cloudy and just did not present the beauty I wanted to share. The mountains that were to the side were heavily covered with low lying clouds and fog which would of been gorgeous if the Sun had been able to come out just a little bit! Better Luck next Time!


On a Summers Night in Northern Maine

Somewhere deep in the forest of Northern Maine you might be able to find a Great American Bald Eagle watching the sunset.


Sunrise Panels by Gary Smith

A different view of one of my most popular images.


I Believe – Version 2

5 Exposure HDR Processed with Photomatix!



My View of the World by Gary Smith

I am always thrilled and excited to get up at 3:30 in the morning knowing there is going to be another Picture Perfect Sunrise! This morning was exactly that. I had my fold-up stool sitting by the waters edge and all of the settings on my camera ready to watch My View of the World come to life!



I Believe – Sunrise from Northern Maine

How I believe in God every time I see the creation of another day such as this one! This image is composed of 5 exposures and Tone Mapped in Photomatix. The fog lifting from the ground with the rise of the sun was so beautiful this morning.


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