Clear Blue – HDR Image

An example HDR image captured in Northern Maine. This image had all of the perfect elements contained in it to allow some creative post-processing. I used Photoshop CS6, NIK Color Efex PRO 4 and NIK Viveza.


Expression – Creativity after HDR

Creativity after HDR

After creating an HDR image I sometimes feel inspired to give it a different appeal and appearance such as this floral image displayed below! I am writing a tutorial using this flower capture on the easiest steps I have discovered on creating an HDR image. This final process shows what you can create after the HDR image has been created.



Color Me Purple – Working with HDR

I came across an interesting flower in my Mother’s Garden and the outside lighting was just right, so I grabbed my gear and used a 100mm macro for this setting. Love the purple tones which come to life in this  HDR image.


A Look at Photoshop CS6 HDR by Gary Smith

I’ve been experimenting with the HDR portion of Photoshop CS6 and the results are better than what I thought it would be. I find some parts of this that I like very much as compared to Photomatix which is still my primary solution to develop my HDR images. With more experimenting with CS6, I am sure this will be part of my post processing!

What do you Think?



Sunset over the River

One of my earlier HDR images during the learning stage.. Oh what fun it was!


Little Cove

HDR image with multiple layers of extra editing created this image of a remote area located in Northern Maine.


Under the Bridge

This image was captured using 5 exposures and processed in Photomatix.


What a Life ~ A Peaceful Day in Maine

I am always amazed at the beauty of the land that is before us just waiting to be captured and preserved for the future from just that one moment in time as this scene displays.

This image was captured with 3 exposures, processed in Photomtix then imported into photoshop. I felt Creative this day so I began with multiple layers using textures, burning and dodging and then I wanted more so I used the following:

  • Topaz Adjust
  • Topaz Simplify
  • NIK Color Efex

Turn of Dawn

One of my favorites from the past working with HDR and Textures.


Pure Country in Northern Maine

I have visited this location on many different times in the morning and the evening hours and finally I discovered the best time to set my equipment up to capture this wonderful place in Northern Maine.  The lighting was perfect on this day when I chose to do this HDR image. Brilliant Colors certainly came to life after taking multiple exposures!

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