Little Drops of Water

I was working with this plant and thought I would set up some lighting with a reflector to bounce the setting sun color so I could obtain the warm look I was looking for. This is also an HDR image with 5 exposures and processed in Photoshop CS6. I was impressed with the finished Image I was able to capture!

100mm Macro lens was used in this set-up.


Wait For Me Here


On a Summers Night in Northern Maine

Somewhere deep in the forest of Northern Maine you might be able to find a Great American Bald Eagle watching the sunset.


Sunrise Panels by Gary Smith

A different view of one of my most popular images.


My View of the World by Gary Smith

I am always thrilled and excited to get up at 3:30 in the morning knowing there is going to be another Picture Perfect Sunrise! This morning was exactly that. I had my fold-up stool sitting by the waters edge and all of the settings on my camera ready to watch My View of the World come to life!



Expression – Creativity after HDR

Creativity after HDR

After creating an HDR image I sometimes feel inspired to give it a different appeal and appearance such as this floral image displayed below! I am writing a tutorial using this flower capture on the easiest steps I have discovered on creating an HDR image. This final process shows what you can create after the HDR image has been created.



Downtown Presque Isle, Maine

S mall rural towns always have a certain look to them and on a early Sunday morning I was able to capture this image, HDR style while not a soul was in sight. After processing this image with Photomatix I brought the image back into Photoshop so I could get a little bit more creative with it.


Vintage Rooster – Working with Textures

One of my most popular pieces displaying a Rooster with a flair of textures added to create this image.



The Last Train Ride

This image will be included in my up-coming book as an exercise on treatments after HDR. It should be exciting and I will teach you some new tricks to use in Photoshop.



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