HDR – The Beauty of Northern Maine

A collection of some of my favorite HDR images from Northern Maine compiled into a Video.
This is a High Resolution video made for full screen viewing and I recommend listening with your earphones or some good speakers! :)

All images can be purchased from FAA.


After the Storm – Northern Maine

After the storm while the sky was beginning to light up from the sun behind the clouds I saw the beauty of this vision and was able to capture it.


A Rolling Storm

There was a huge storm system moving into the area the other night and I thought I had better take advantage of it.



Deep in the Forest, a hidden path comes to glow and brings warm thoughts to your heart and soul.


Autumn Walk – From Northern Maine

Early morning view of a quiet road captured in Northern Maine.


The Colors to Come – From Acadia National Park

A beautiful time of the year comes during fall when you can travel Northern Maine and see the beauty of the Forest when the leaves begin to change colors. A photographers dream no matter where you go in this state observe the Foliage.



I Believe – Sunrise from Northern Maine

How I believe in God every time I see the creation of another day such as this one! This image is composed of 5 exposures and Tone Mapped in Photomatix. The fog lifting from the ground with the rise of the sun was so beautiful this morning.


Country River – Rustic Setting in Northern Maine

Scene of a small deserted river nestled in the depths of the Forest in Northern Maine captured at sunrise.


Little Cove

HDR image with multiple layers of extra editing created this image of a remote area located in Northern Maine.


Foggy Flight

I love catching Mallards in flight especially when there is dense morning fog. Makes for a challenge.



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