NIK Viveza

What a fun and cool piece of software to work with! It is a plug-in for:
Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom®, and Apple® Aperture®
and is a great asset to have on certain images that need some help in certain areas that takes forever to do in Photoshop.

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Now, for you thViveza 2oughts… What is Viveza and what does it do? There are many times when I complete an HDR Image, and I need to saturate or tone down some colors. Viveza is a perfect tool for this. I can do the same process in Photoshop and I did this for years before using Viveza. Other options include: Structure, contrast, shadows or specific colors and the list goes on.



Now, for the cool part I will show you an image that was completed in Photomatix and now is ready for my Post Processing. I use a much different technique for creating an HDR than others, but this is my style and works best for me.


Shown below is a small example of the power behind Viveza. You use control points to target
specific areas that you desire to adjust. Making the area larger or smaller is a breeze and along
with that you can duplicate the section and move it to another section with the same settings.

I still use many layers and masks to complete my process of creating an image. Viveza certainly
speeds up my process time and enables me to skip many steps along the way

My completed image:

For me, this is a Valuable Tool in my Workshop!

For more information on Viveza, just visit NIK Software to learn more.




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