Autumn Walk – From Northern Maine

Early morning view of a quiet road captured in Northern Maine.


Dream On – A Day of Enjoying a Horse

I love roaming around to find a new horse to spend the day with and this Beauty was no different.


A Spiritual Moment

While looking around during a pause between the ceremonies I noticed this Indian Woman which caught my full attention immediately. While looking through my lens and admiring her attire which I think is Stunning, I felt a deep moment of Solitude. The name of this image came to me, “A Spiritual Moment“.

Hopefully while looking at this capture through my lens and my point of view, you will be able to feel something deep within your being as well!


The Spirit Within a Mik’ Maw

Vision lives within our Spiritual Being!
A scene captured that is everlasting.


Spiritual Moments Captured at the Mawiomi

I found many moments at this “Gathering” to be very spiritual and calming to the soul. The drums playing, dancing and the people which make up this tribe is very warming to the soul. It brings the spiritual being that lives within you alive!

The image below was very moving to me.



Learning to Play the Drums – Mawiomi

Learning to play the drums at the Mawiomi.


Mawiomi – Presque Isle, Maine

Documentary of the Mawiomi Event held in Presque Isle, Maine coming soon.

“Mawiomi” translates to “Gathering”.


Awaken – Sunrise in Northern Maine

This was just a beautiful day for a sunrise in Northern Maine. HDR Capture processed in Photomatix.


HDR Sunrise in Black and White – Northern Maine

When I captured this sunrise from Northern Maine I knew it would have a beautiful look when processed as an HDR image. The more I studied this image I saw features that would really stand out as a Black and White Image.

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This image was captured with 5 exposures, processed in Photomatix then it was finished in Photoshop CS6 along with using:

  • Topaz DeNoise
  • NIK Color Efex PRO
  • NIK Viveza
  • Topaz Adjust
  • Topaz Black and White Effects
  • Topaz Lens Effects




The Colors to Come – From Acadia National Park

A beautiful time of the year comes during fall when you can travel Northern Maine and see the beauty of the Forest when the leaves begin to change colors. A photographers dream no matter where you go in this state observe the Foliage.



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