Little Drops of Water

I was working with this plant and thought I would set up some lighting with a reflector to bounce the setting sun color so I could obtain the warm look I was looking for. This is also an HDR image with 5 exposures and processed in Photoshop CS6. I was impressed with the finished Image I was able to capture!

100mm Macro lens was used in this set-up.


Wait For Me Here


Morning Colors

It was suppose to be a fairly Cloudless Morning today and I was up at 3:30 ready for a new location I discovered on one of my walks. Walking to this secluded location with a flashlight guiding my way I finally made it, got my equipment set up while drinking my coffee. The day turned out to be extremely cloudy and just did not present the beauty I wanted to share. The mountains that were to the side were heavily covered with low lying clouds and fog which would of been gorgeous if the Sun had been able to come out just a little bit! Better Luck next Time!


Tip of the Day – Aperture

The other day I was out on a photo shoot with 2 college students studying photography. As we were walking to our destination the subject of Aperture kept coming up. As I quizzed them more about this subject I came to the realization of the lack of knowledge they have acquired.

This is not the first time I’ve learned of students not gaining some valuable and practical education on the use of the cameras they own.

So, I am just going to pass this along to anyone interested and just beginning in photography.

The short story ~ plain and simple:

Set your camera to aperture priority (AV for Canon, A for Nikon)
Set your focus point to the center (this will focus on the center point)
Set your camera for taking RAW and not JPG (learn how to develop your raw images)
Set your aperture to f/8 (this is a great place to start which will generally focus everything)

I set my ISO anywhere from 100 to 400 depending on what I am doing or if I am using a tripod.

Just a quick tip for getting right into some great photography.


Evening Sunset in Northern Maine

Just another Beautiful Sunset I could not refuse.


HDR Image – Eastern Wheat with Textures

Working with textures and many layers in Photoshop gives this HDR image which was processed in Photomatix, a glowing, warm feel to it.


On a Summers Night in Northern Maine

Somewhere deep in the forest of Northern Maine you might be able to find a Great American Bald Eagle watching the sunset.


Morning Breeze

A soft sunrise scene from Northern Maine.


Sunrise Panels by Gary Smith

A different view of one of my most popular images.


Sunrise Along the Edge – Northern Maine

The clouds in Northern Maine along with the mist and fog rising from the water as the sun gently heats the coolness of the water will always create a dramatic sunrise scene such as this photographed by Gary Smith.


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